BBT / ACTE Forum - London - May 16, 2018

May 16, 2018

09:00 AM - 10:00 AM Registration, refreshments and networking
10:00 AM - 10:05 AM Opening remarks: Complete the current, embrace the future Chris Pouney
It is often said that the business travel industry is slow to adapt and implement change, particularly when compared against the fast paced, highly competitive leisure travel industry. Topics such as Pre-trip approval and virtual card payment have been around a while but have we truly released the value and realised the opportunities they can bring? Likewise, wider macro economic game changers such as Blockchain and crypto currencies are around now & early adopter industries are already starting to use the opportunities to improve processes and drive efficiency. How can the corporate travel industry go against its tortoise like reputation, and embrace opportunities early?
10:05 AM - 10:40 AM Keynote address: The future of procurement - challenges and opportunities Jose Gonzalez, Andreas Ovesen , Máire McPoland
Organisations are changing at an unprecedented pace with new disruptive technologies challenging existing ways of working. Procurement’s role in organisations is equally being challenged with an increase in expectations to deliver benefits beyond cost savings.

In this session, we will explore how these changes are shaping the future of the procurement function and what procurement leaders should focus on now to be ready for tomorrow.
10:40 AM - 11:40 AM Session 1: Payment & Control Jay Patel , Roberto Da Re, Davide Antonioli
Matthew Parsons , Christophe Ferrand
Virtual cards have been around for a while but have they now finally come of age? Why embed them in your corporate travel program and how to maximise their effectiveness, particularly in areas such as hotel acceptance and as an aide to VAT recovery.

Block chain and crypto currencies on the other hand, are a new phenomenon, particularly in the mainstream corporate world. Are there any practical applications and uses now and what should we expect, and how can we shape the future. How can we separate real fears such as fraud, with simply a fear of the unknown.

Our panel of experts will discuss all of these issues and enlighten delegates with the key messages to assess the readiness of their companies.
11:40 AM - 12:05 PM Networking break and refreshments
12:05 PM - 01:05 PM Session 2: GDPR – it's now or never Malati Parekh, Oliver Moore , Nick Scott
Arvi Virdee , Claire Mulligan
With just weeks to go until the new GDPR regulations come into force on May 25, this session reviews the key requirements of the regulation and how to ensure you are, and remain, on the right side of it.

We will discuss the continued implications for travel programs, and what to expect in the coming months as the law is implemented and the regulating authorities start to flex their muscles and show their teeth.
01:05 PM - 02:05 PM Lunch and networking
02:05 PM - 03:05 PM Session 3: Influencing traveller behaviour, before the money is spent Katrina Williams, Will Hasler, Douglas Green
Tony McGetrick
The value of negotiating world-class supplier deals can be lost if the right suite of tools and techniques are not applied at the booking stage to ensure that travellers follow policy. This session looks at amongst other areas, Pre-trip approval (PTA) tools, employee influencing skills and other techniques to ensure that travellers choose options you wish them too and savings efficiencies are maximised. We will hear from experts who will discuss:
• How to align policy to process
• Tactics to influence traveller behaviour
• PTA – why and how - pitfalls and opportunities

Delegates will discover what tools will work for them, and hear practical examples of how to implement best-practice.

Our panel of experts will discuss all of these issues and enlighten delegates with the key messages to assess the readiness of their companies.
03:05 PM - 04:05 PM Session 4: Question Time
During the day, simply write down any points or questions you’d like tackled and in this open session we put them out to the collective knowledge and experience of the room.
04:05 PM - 04:10 PM Closing remarks
04:10 PM - 05:30 PM Drinks reception
Attendees are invited to join the BBT team and forum planning committee for networking drinks and canapes